Electric Wheelchair⁺

On December 21, 2017, FCL signed an Official Distributor Contract (the "Contract") with Changzhou Airwheel Technology Co., Ltd. ("Airwheel") one of the world's leading smart transportation device manufacturers.  Thereunder, FCL was appointed as one of Airwheel’s overseas wheelchair distributors in Hong Kong for a period of three years from the date of the contract with exclusivity for the first year.  Airwheel designs and manufactures state of the art wheelchairs with certain artificial intelligence features primarily for the use of the elderly.  Pursuant to the contract, FCL will also receive priority in the distribution of any future products that are launched by Airwheel.  The Contract covers Airwheel’s H3, H8, A6, A6S and D3 models.  We have not yet purchased or sold any Airwheel wheelchairs other than the samples purchased for marketing and promotion purposes.








A6S Main Technical Parameters 















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